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TemSro 130 Cap | 14D | PVP System | Auto Events | Start lv130 +12 Set | Free2Play

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  • TemSro 130 Cap | 14D | PVP System | Auto Events | Start lv130 +12 Set | Free2Play

    TemSro Best of PvP Game

    ♦ We are opening our newly polished server: TemSro online
    Are you ready to meet a game where you do not need to spend long time to get stronger and just have fun?
    We know that you are very tired, you try to strengthen your character for days just to have fun, and you see that the game either closes until you catch up, or the players start to disappear due to the deficiencies or regularities in the game. Nowadays, it is obvious that classic MMORPG games are beginning to lose their popularity. We have created a game with wars, events and activities so that you can adapt to today's habits and just have fun.

    ♦ And what special things will you find on our server?
    Server Rate information

    ⁂ Exp: 0x
    ⁂ SP: 0x
    ⁂ Gold: 0x
    ⁂ Pc Limit: 1
    ⁂ Mobs: only 1 kind of mobs
    ⁂ Alchemy Limit: Go as you can ( there is no Limit )
    ⁂ Alchemy Rate: 1~12 (100%) after that (20%)
    ⁂ EU – CH: Active
    ⁂ Battle Arena: Active
    ⁂ Capture The Flag: Active
    ⁂ Hide And Seek: Active
    ⁂ Seek And Destroy: Active
    ⁂ Lucky Party Number: Active
    ⁂ Trivia: Active
    ⁂ Alchemy Event: Active
    ⁂ Lottery Event: Active

    ♦ Why PC Limit 1?
    Because this is a pvp game. So you don't need to attack monsters, gain gold, SP and stall characters. Also, we don't want you to create a bot character and run buff characters behind you. In a way, this disrupts the balance of the game.

    Alchemy Fun!

    ⁂ Alchemy Rate is High and Pluss Limit (No Limit)
    (and you're able to use advanced elixir).
    You can achieve more success with an army of methods, though.
    Lucky Avatar
    Magic Lucky Powder
    Luck Stone
    Actually, with lucky buff + avatar you can create +7 very easily.
    For the rest of the plusses, you need the rest of the extras.

    Start Char items

    ⁂ Start Level: 130
    ⁂ Start SP: 10.000.000 (10m)
    ⁂ Start Gold: (1b)
    ⁂ Start Silk: 1.000.000 (1m)
    ⁂ Start Set: 13dg +12
    ⁂ Npc Items: 1 Gold
    ⁂ Char Speed: 10
    ⁂ Reserve Scroll: 50
    ⁂ Fast Return scroll: 20
    ⁂ XXL HP / XXL MP: 1000
    ⁂ Angel 5%
    ⁂ Avatar

    » Town And Areas «

    ⁂ Jangan
    ⁂ Hotan
    ⁂ CTF / Battle Arena
    ⁂ Jangan FTW / Hotan FTW
    Simple, isn't it?
    » Auto Event

    ⁂ Hide & Seek
    The character will tell you which region of the map it is in. Find him and take the item off his stall. Congratulations, you won!

    ⁂ Question & Answer
    He's going to ask you a question and tell you who to write the answer to. The first person to answer the question correctly wins the round.

    ⁂ Seek & Destroy
    Spawns a random Unique Monster on any zone of the map. He will tell you which zone of the map he spawned. The first to find and kill is the winner.

    ⁂ Lottery
    Buy one ticket and wait for the results to be announced. Who knows, maybe you'll win, or pay the payoff. ;-)

    ⁂ Lucky party number
    Identifies a random party number. You need to find the same party number for win.

    » Activities «

    Hide & Seek

    00:50 07:50
    14:50 21:50

    Seek & Destroy

    01:50 08:50
    15:50 22:50


    02:50 09:50
    16:50 23:50



    Alchemy Event


    Lottery Event

    Everyweek \ Monday 20:00